Photofun is an Internet Web Portal that is used for photo sharing. The engine that underpins the web-site is used to support the manufacturing process so customers in real-time can store their digital photos, then publish, share, and convert them into photo products.

At Photofun, You can hold personal business cards, holiday photo cards, and develop photo books.

Photofun is one of the largest online photographic Service Providers in the Netherlands and one of the fastest growing photo-sharing sites in Europe. In 2006, Photofun was voted the best Regional Provider beating out 38 other competitors. Then in June 2007 Photofun won the Rising Star Award East as One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the Region. Later in September 2007 Webprint won the publieksprijs Prize.

Photofun owns all the technology and production facilities used to manage and manufacture all of the photo-services and products supported on our website.

Photofun stores all photographic and customer information entirely free of charge in a secure server environment, so that customers have access to their digital assets (photograph, addresses, projects, bulletins) anywhere in the world by means of Internet and mobile Internet.. It is also possible to share photographs and albums with family and friends via our proprietary developed Internet solutions.

Photofun has developed photographic technology for mobile telephones. It is possible with certain smart phones to take a mobile photograph and to send via our M2Photo technology.