June 2009: “Rethinking aid: Moving beyond the rhetoric of capacity development” –A presentation made at the Regional Management Team Meeting of SNV Asia (SNV- Netherlands Development Organisation) in Bangkok, Thailand as a guest speaker.

March 2010: “Entitlements and the postcolonial state: E-governance initiatives in Pakistan & South Asia” presented at a capacity development workshop at the Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre.

April 2010: “Endemic crisis of federalism in Pakistan”, a presentation made at the Sixth Annual Conference on the Management of Pakistan’s Economy.

August 2010: “Managing development in post-conflict contexts”, a presentation given to multi-donor moot in Islamabad, Pakistan.

October 2010: “From Crisis to Crisis-Governance & Rule of Law Assessments in Pakistan” – presentation at the Regional Consultation on Access to Justice Assessments, UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Centre in Bangkok.

November 2010: “Transparency and Accountability of South Asian Parliaments”, a presentation made at South Asia for Human Rights (SAHR) Conference entitled – The Challenges for South Asia: Human Rights & Democracy.

December 2010: “Innovations in governing primary health care – the case of Punjab province of Pakistan”, a presentation made at the Kerala Institute of Management, India during the annual conference of Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Governance and Public Administration.

May 2011: “Social Media, Governance & Accountability”, a talk given at the First International Social Media Summit, Karachi.

June 2011: “The Role of media in promoting democratic governance”, a presentation made at theSouth Asian Regional Conference on Promoting Gender Responsive Democratic Governance in South Asia hosted by South-Asia Partnership, Nepal.

June 2011: “Social Protection – Issues and Options”, a presentation at a regional seminar on Social Protection Frameworks organized by UNICEF/Planning Commission, Bhurban, Pakistan.

July 2011: “18TH Amendment and Beyond: Rethinking Development in Pakistan”, spoke and moderated a panel on environmental governance at the Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development, a conference by LEAD, Pakistan.

July 2011:“Results based Management in Public Sector” at the International Growth Conference organized by the Planning Commission of Pakistan.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-circle”]September 2011: “Citizens and Constitution”, a talk given at a learning event, “State of Constitutionalism in Pakistan”, Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan.

September 2011: “Governance & Gender: Lessons from South Asia”, a talk given at the SAP event on “Exploring the State of Gender Friendliness in Democratic Institutions“, Lahore Pakistan.

September 2011: “Elected Local Governments: Revival and Reforms”, presentation at the National Roundtable Consultation organised by Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Sangat Foundation and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Pakistan.

February 2015: Panel Discussant/speaker at National Press Club, Washington DC at the launch of World Press Freedom Index 2015 by Reporters Without Borders.

February 2015: Guest lecture on “ISIS, Islam, and the Crisis of Globalization” at American University, Washington DC, USA.

January 2015: Participated in a panel discussing focusing on “Culture and Diplomacy” after a theatrical presentation by Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Georgetown University.

January 2015: Spoke at a panel discussion on “After Peshawar: Domestic Security in Pakistan” at the United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC, USA.

January 2015: Lecture “Culture and Conflict”, at a graduate class at School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University (with Amb. Cynthia Schenieder).

December 2014: “Media, language and power”, an event organized by the Society of Urdu Literature, Washington DC USA.

December 2014: “Reporting in Conflict Zones”, lectured at the University of Maryland School of Journalism, Washington DC USA.

November 2014: “South Asia: Human Rights and Development”, a lecture delivered at a training class for State Department officials, at the Foreign Service Institute, Arlington, VA, USA.

November 2014: Spoke as 2-member panel on “The Rise of Religious Intolerance in Pakistan: Implications for Democratic Development and Human Rights”, a discussion organized by the National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC USA.

November 2014: “Young Leaders from Pakistan”, discussion organized by the Atlantic Council, Washington DC USA.

November 2014: “Culture and Peace building”, spoke at an event organized by the Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia USA where my book Delhi by Heart was launched as well.